Rules & Payout Matters

To Qualify

Our drivers need to meet a few criteria

Own a vehicle

Owns any kind of vehicles or have permission to apply the advertisement.


It can be anyone
  • you
  • your parent's car
  • your boss
  • your company's car

So long as you are authorised to do so


Drive safely!
Be a good Singaporean driver!

Active Driver

Drive a minimum of 100km a week!

Not allow to remove the sticker until end of campaign.
General Terms & Conditions applies.
Driving your car out of Singapore is OK but you got to take note of the mileage driven there.
Drives a minimum of 100km per week.
(Woodlands to Vivo city is 32km. Going back will already give you 64km)
Keep the advertisement clean and shine at all times
To inform us should there be any damage to the advertisement (eg accident, scratch, flew off)

After signing up, what's Next?


We will get more legal required informations from you. (Picture of IC)

We will inform you the campaign’s informations
(i.e Company name, duration) You may reject at this point of time.



We will arrange a day with you to apply the advertisement. At the end of your day, send us the location of your car.

Rest at your couch while our ninjas do the job.



Send us a photo of the speedometer the next morning and drive as per normal. ( Don’t worry, we will remind you)

One month later...

At month end, we will request information of the advertisement & your speedometer.



Receive your pay Immediately. Traveled mileage will be converted to points and can be redeem at any point of time. Check out the benefits!


No one loves to wait. We promise you, once our accounts department has cleared the payment, we will immediately release the payout to you. Directly deposited into your bank account (or snail mail cheque if you prefer).

No Delays.

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs!

Fast Transfer Banks Available

Post Mailed