As long as your car moves on the road, we need you.

No matter who you are, where are you from, what do you do, as long as you own a car and you’re interested to make extra income, WE WANT YOU.

Sure! For now, you may contact your Adogo Advertising Partner from the Whatsapp Conversation and get your latest profile, and followed by a reply of your new profile. We will update your profile.

Yes please. We need all the information to be as accurate as possible in order to give better statistic and to better launch a compaign. Our Partner will contact you every 3 months to ask if there is any changes in the profile.

We are always here. Either contact your Adogo Advertising Partner, or call our main hotline. Or easily, drop everyone of us an email hello[at]adogo.com.sg

Huh? I thought you are here to earn money? Oh please! Yes, it’s 100% free. We will not ask you for a single cent!

We hate spam! Your data is our top priority. We will not disclose any of your data. See our privacy policy.

Sure! Just let us know, we will try our best to arrange the group of friends to have the same campaign.

Complete the current Campaign and you may quit anytime.

No Contract, No Delays, No worries. Anytime! Feel Free! No naggy grandma’s forcing you to stay. Just let us know why so we can improve ourselves.

Whatsapp provides more personal and efficient method of communicating with our partners. We want you to treat us like a friend. No email templates, no standard response call operators. And don’t you think it’s better to communicate directly to your Adogo Advertising partners insteads of the traditional method?

While we are also getting our App setup to better serve you.

With the information provided. It helps us match you with the advertisers better and the chances to be activated will be so much sooner.


We use removable vinyl stickers which are designed to be stuck on cars. There are no marks left behind, probably some easily wiped away residue, but our Ninjas are trained to do a complete job.

Absolutely. Adogo will never want you to display an advert that you are not comfortable or happy with.
You have the right to refuse the particular brand & or advertisement if you do not want it on your car.

Perfectly fine if it’s a 1-2 days trip, But if there’s anything more then 3 days, please inform us so we can heads up our advertiser. The mileage travelled outside Singapore cannot be used to exchange for Points.

It depends on whether Adogo have an advertiser looking for drivers that match your profile. Whenever there is a potential match, Adogo will be in touch. Adogo actively identify opportunities where Adogo have many members with similar profiles & approach advertisers with tailored proposals.

Typically you will be able to earn up to $260 per month.

However, it depends on the advertisers that you are matched with as well as the size & type of advert applied to your car.

By filling up the form, there is no obligations to advertise on your car. Simply says no when we call you up for advertisement campaign.
No hassle, No contracts, No ding-dongs!

Please contact our Adogo Advertising Partner and we will see what can be done to help. But, Why?

That’s sad to hear. Inform your Adogo Advertising Partner as soon as you can. And we will see if there is any major damage that require long term to be fixed, we will first need to find another vehicle to replace you during the campaign. If it’s a small accident and the sticker happens to be damaged, we will have it replaced quickly.

That should not be happening as our stickers are made of good quality UV Stickers. But if that really happens, contact your Adogo Advertising Partner immediately and we will have it replaced.

Most sticker quality last anywhere from 2-6 years, but the advertisement will only only be sticked for the duration of the campaign assigned to you.

Not really! Just imagine never having to wax your vehicle again! It’s like a outer protection to your car paint!

Stickers are made of vinyl and require little care. Once your vehicle is wrapped, you can run it through touch less carwashes or hand wash it

No. Our ninjas will prepare everything that is required. You just have to give them some standing and operation space which is do-able in most of the car park lots in Singapore.

It depends on the campaign sticker size and the area to apply. Our ninjas will try their best to keep it fast and leave. That’s why they are called ninja, right?

No worries, just keep us informed and we will update your profile for the next campaign.

No Issues, we welcome all questions. Clear the air so you can drive happily. Talk to us and let our friendly staffs address to your question.