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Adogo v1.0

Finally! Adogo has launched our very own app! This app will allow drivers to register with us, customise his/her profile and best of all, every campaign will notify the drivers through this app! Therefore it is essential for drivers to keep this app installed on their mobile phones if you want to earn passive incomes!

Also, we will be updating our app with more functions and features! So be sure to update your app whenever there is an update for this app!


Available to Everyone

Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, do download our app as everything will be managed from just your phone itself.


With this app, you can input your profile and have everything, such as your personal information, bank account, vehicle particulars, to be stored in one place.


Signing up is as Easy as 1,2,3!



Once you have downloaded Adogo’s App, all you have to do is to fill in your particulars.

Vehicle Registration

Next, please fill in the vehicle that you want to use for advertising! You are required to take photos of your vehicle. Please remember that you must take direct view of your vehicle’s Front, Sides and Rear with no slanted angles. This is to ensure that we are able to provide you with an accurate measurement guideline.

Once you have input your vehicle details, please allow a few days for Adogo to get back to you with the measurement guidelines. Once you received the measurement guidelines, please use a measuring tape to measure the length and height of the area provided by Adogo and key it in the respective fields.


Adding Location

Lastly, you will need to key in your daily’s route using our “Add Route” Function! All you need to do is to pinpoint your start and end destination on the map during the time and day you normally travel.

Car Routes Listing

Remember! The more detail your everyday routes in Adogo’s app, the higher chance of you getting selected when there is a campaign available! Adogo’s clients will normally choose specific location for their campaign! Therefore, the more routes you have, you will have a higher chance of getting match with campaigns!


Should I apply for Rear Windscreen Advertising?

If you are interested in becoming Adogo’s Advertising Partner but you are having second thoughts on whether or not you should go for the Rear Windscreen Advertising due to worries about the visibility after applying the rear windscreen, this post is specially created just for you!


Let’s take it from the top.

Click here to download out the PDF.

In summary, as long as the rear windscreen meet the following criteria, it is LTA-Approved.
– No part of the stickers/ decals shall obstruct the view of the driver or pose any danger to other road users;
– The stickers/ decals do not cover or mask any lighting systems, number plates, windows, windscreens, and other pre-requisite markings/labels on the vehicle (speed limit, maximum passenger, company information etc);
– Graphics and/or words shall not appear in any way pornographic, obscene or vulgar. They must also not be seditious or affront any religious belief;
– The basic colour of the vehicle must be maintained;
– The resultant light transmittance Rear Windscreen must be at least  25%.

We’re happy to announce that our rear windscreen has around 34%-35% resultant light transmittance.
This means that you have another 10% for your rear windscreen tints.



Will it obstruct my rear visibility?

We’re glad you asked!

rear windscreen
Taken from the driver’s perspective

rear windscreenDid we or did we not apply the rear windscreen sticker? Hmm…


What happens if it rains?

If it rains, just remember to turn on your rear windscreen’s demister (heater). Feel free to use your rear windscreen’s wiper to fasten up the process!

rear-windscreen2Rear windscreen view

rearwindscreenResults after turning on the rear windscreen’s demister (heater) for 15 minutes

I am not sure whether my resultant light transmittance is more than 25% after applying.

It is common that your rear windscreen’s resultant light transmittance less than 25% after applying due to the tints you have on your rear windscreen. To solve the issues regarding this, Adogo had purchase the same device that LTA uses from Europe. Upon your request, we will do provide a light transmittance test for you.

Side Advertising Scheme

If you are interested in becoming Adogo’s Advertising Partner, here’s a few things you should take note about Side Advertisement on your car!

Let’s see a few example first.

*These photos are taken by our ninjas & our satisfied advertising partners.

Looks cool, will it damage my car?

After months of continuously testing different materials of the car stickers, we have chosen the best sticker in the market that will not leave any residue your car. Also, not to worry, those stickers will not ruin your body paint or damage your car’s body kit!